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Re: The Masters and Science

Jul 26, 1996 08:00 AM
by Drpsionic

This is where I get to put on my heretic hat.
I have always had the sneaking suspicion that the Masters have a wicked sense
of humor and saw in poor Sinnet someone to have a little fun with.  Now you
have to understand that the greatest difficulty in reading the Letters is
that for the most part we only have one side of the conversation and it is
possible in his letters to the Masters that Sinnet was so off base that they
figured it was better to lie than to try to get the truth through to him.
And you have to remember that Sinnet was the typical Victorian British
Stuffed Shirt.  If I were one of the Masters, I would not be able to resist
leading down a basically harmless primrose path and having a good laugh all
along the way.

Chuck the Heretic

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