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Theos-l Drive-Thru (not a serious post)

Jul 24, 1996 10:39 PM
by Keith Price

>The question I have had since I was a small child is: "why am I me and not you
>or someone else?"  
	Keith, you need to read up on svabhava.  I recommend G de P.

Jerry S.

I am sitting here after running around all day and cannot get my higher mind to
function and should be silent, but.....  I am thinking about svabhaba as the
beauty-intelligence which is guiding the manifest from the unmanifest and cannot
think of one thing beautiful or intelligent,  so I would like to playfully, not
critically, add a little dramatic moment for Chuck and Alan, respectively and
respectfully, but not in that order!

Stoping for my fast food (Jack in the Box) fast money (ATM), fast relaxation
(cable TV).  I decided I only had time for a quick trip  tonight through the
drive thru at theos-l.
Imagine, no!, visualize, if you can:
Static-filled voice heard over a cheap speaker:  Welcome to theos-l! May I take
your order?

Keith from cyber-car:  Yes, I would like an order of svabhva.

Voice:  Would you like Tibetan or Sanscrit secret sauce with that.

Keith:  Hold the Tibetan and give me  a Purucker shake!

Voice: We have a two for 99 cents special - instant enlightment  - your choice
of nirvana or heavenly flavored.

Keith:  My kama-manas is acting up today.  I just took a big dose of purtiy,
renunciation and abstinence.  I don't think I could digest it.

Voice: We have frozen enlightenment absolutely karma-free  to microwave later!

Keith:  Give me the family size.

Voice:  Drive thru please. Your order is waiting at the window.

I like fast food and I almost never cook at home.  I am looking forward to
feasting on the Voice of the Silence in a sit down, take your shoes off dinner.
I want to savor each course. I want to have MY DINNER WITH ANDRE and  KPAUl,
Ann, Baltimore and others  and maybe with the picture of HPB with her round
staring eyes peering down from some plane or other.  I am hungry for something
that will stick to my atma-buddhi.
Keith Price

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