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VOS discussion on THEOS-ROOTS

Jul 22, 1996 09:52 AM
by John E. Mead

hi -

regarding the VOS study group on Theos-roots ---

some people may have been confused about the different theosophy
discussion lists.  each list has a slightly different purpose
and each list must be subscribed to SEPARATELY.

to subscribe to any list send a message to
containing the line

subscribe list-name firstname lastname

the list-name can be one of the following:

the differences between these lists is summarized below.

Theos-L : a general discussion list on any aspect of Theosophy.

Theos-Roots: a discussion list devoted to the Roots/History of
             classic Theosophy.

Theos-Buds: a discussion list devoted to the "Budding" new ideas
            forming and evolving in Theosophy "today and tomorrow".

Theos-Span: a general discussion list for Spanish-speaking Theosophists.

Theos-News: a distribution list for Theosophical Events, News Items, 
            and Announcements

Hence - if you wish to take place in the VOS study group on 
Theos-Roots,  you must be subscribed to that list.  If you are 
unsure if you are on that list then feel free to subscribe again
anyway.  It will return e-mail to you stating
1:  you are already subscribed
2: You are now subscribed to the list

once again, to subscribe to theos-roots send to
the command line 

subscribe theos-roots firstname lastname

your e-mail address is not needed since it is extracted
directly from the e-mail internet header.

peace -

john e. mead

p.s.  VOS discussions are also sent to rather

John E. Mead
Theos-L etc. list-owner
Member of Theosophical Society in America
Member of Theosophy International
[Physics is impossible without imaginary numbers]
[Mathematics is impossible without consciousness]

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