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convention day 3

Jul 15, 1996 05:10 AM
by Drpsionic

Still alive, surprise, surprise.
The day started with Radha's speech.  I won't attempt to summarize it here,
only to say that it was a very good one and strongly in favor of diversity in
the society.  I was tempted to cheer on several occasions during it.
The rest of the day was pretty dull.  I bugged out of the session on giving
as a spiritual practice for fear that it would be used as an excuse to pass
the hat.  The testamonial to Emily Sellon reached new levels of boredom.  We
learned that she was a nice lady with oodles of money who lived in New York,
was a good cook and drove like hell.  It finally reached the point where even
Jupiter could no longer stand it and fired a thunderbolt outside the window,
causing John Algeo to shut up.
Evening was the infamous Hodge Podge Lodge about which the less said the
better. In this case I was fortunate to miss it because a friend from one of
the Chicago lodges arrived and we spent the time talking to him in the
downstairs lobby.
Summer school begins tomorrow.  Yawn.

Chuck the Heretic

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