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Usenet Search Engine

Jul 12, 1996 05:00 AM
by m.k. ramadoss


There are more than 18,500 usenet groups in use in cyberspace. With such 
a large number of usenet groups dealing with there are groups dealing 
with almost every imaginable subject and new groups are mushrooming every 

There is a very powerful search tool available which will search many 
usenet groups and find the messages one is looking for. The power of the 
search engine is aweful.

If I want to find all the references to say Theosophy, just use the 
search engine, bingo you will get a list of messages where Theosophy is 

This is a very useful tool to see what kind of discussion is going on in 
usenet groups about one's favourite subject. Researchers love this tool.

The power of the tool extends further. If you want to get a profile of 
the my postings on usenet groups, you just have to search by my name. The 
messages posted by me will be listed.

To do the searches you need a browser like Netscape etc. With the browser, 
just go to:

and that is all to it.

Enjoy the search engine.

    Peace to all living beings.

    M K Ramadoss

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