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yours of July 9

Jul 11, 1996 10:29 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

>Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996 07:20:24 +0300
>From: Kay Ziatz <>
>Reply-To: Kay Ziatz <>
>Subject: yours of July 9
>     Hello!
>L> I guess a lot depends on who Yeltsin surrounds himself with
> True, but most dangerous persons are already removed. Probably left
>1 or 2.
>L> What did you think of Stan Treloar's "Church on My Grave".
>  I agree with him a lot. I tried to translate it to Russian, but his
>language is very hard to me, so I've translated only small parts (for
>widespreadins in newsgroups here).
>L> Before we discussed it on the Internet, I never realized that
>L> Theosophy is not a religion, but that certain people try to make it 
>  Here in Russia there was no opinion that it's a religion, but any-
>way, we all were inclinated to "core teachings". Who are christians
>here, they normally don't join theosophy, so our theosophy haven't
>religious hue; most theosophists here are recruited from atheists (as
>I did), so if there's some distortion of originlal teaching, it's
>rather to magic and other selfish use of the doctrines. For a long
>time we had a wickid government, so many of us dislike any bosses and
>because of that deny conception of God, too. I first knew about
>things like karma from Krishna devotees, their teachings seemed me
>interesting, but I removed a main part of their religion - a God and
>such a way got a teaching, very similiar to theosophy :)
>L> I wonder what you noticed of the elections in Moscow.
> BTW, I've included to my parcel a little sheet of parer as a souve-
>nir - it's an invitation to ellections.
>L> I was also wondering what your dacha is like. How many rooms it has,
>L> what facilities and what kind of grounds & etc. Can you do gardening?
> Yes. These sites were initially created for gardening. Evens special
>official visited them to make sure that we have a certain predefined
>quantity of apple trees, etc. By the same reason the house size was
>restricted to 36 square meters. Brick houses were prohibited, too, as
>well as high (two or more "etages", including "Erdgeschoss") ones.
>Our dacha is situated in so called "garden cooperative" - there's 600
>or more (our "village" is large - normally they are much smaller) si-
>tes 18 x 45 meters each. Our house has 3 rooms (2 of them are small -
>5 & 8 sq. m. and one a little larger - approx 15 sq.m) and so called
>"terrace" - a room without walls, to rest at fresh air. I think you
>may call it "bungalow". Some houses here reminds those which were bu-
>ilt by pioneers in XIX century in north of USA and in Canada - made
>from entire logs. There are brick houses, too. Generally, houses here
>are more "fundamental" than in USA - like in England. My sister who
>lives now in USA complains that the houses there have a very thin
>walls, so when is hot, a conditioner is required. We normally use no
>conditioners here (excluding offices). But our dacha isn't so funda-
>mental - it's of wooden boards. There's a beautiful countryside aro-
>und our village - forests, fields and two artifical lakes (they were
>made for fish). If my finances will run better, i'll send you some
>L> Whereabouts is it?
>Approx. 70 km north of Moscow. We go 65 km north by train and then 15
>km N-E by a bus. It takes 3 hours "from door to door".
>L> What's DHL Co. I sent off your envelope via the US Post Office.
>It's commercial post. Some businessmen use it. So I didn't recommend it.
>L> looking forward to the recordings.
>I've already sent them.
>L> the mute button on the remote control.
>It's interesting observation I made. The radio & TV sets in "superpo-
>wers" like USSR & USA were similiar (large sized, often floor-based)
>and different from european and japanese. But now our native radio
>equipment is already forced out from market by japanese technique.
>L> usually revolve around a set of twins
>L> I had a ball.
>  I didn't understand these two expressions :()
>L> exercising machines.
> Here they are advertising, too, but only by local channels & local
>L> We get all sorts of fruit shipped in.
> We now too, but some are very expensive.
>L> We have a very good highway system.
> We not, and i'm glad. It's the only factor that restricts quantity
>of cars. Most goods are delivered by a railroads. Most railroads here
>run on electric power.
>L> If you don't mind talking about it, I'd be interested in knowing what 
>L> do, and what your parents do.
> My father is a scientist, he specializes in medaeval russian histo-
>ry and historical georaphy. He works in State Historical Museum.
>My mother is so called "engeneer". This word is widely used here for
>all people who have a high education and they work is technical ori-
>ented - for example my mother writes referates for international in-
>formation system for nuclear technology, she haven't any deal with
>any machines, even PC's. But before she worked at pipe works and pro-
>vided a proper technology. I'm an engeener, too, but really i'm a
>programmer and provide a proper work of PC's in our department. Our
>institute researches Earth physics, seismical problems, nuclear test
>control, etc. Salary is small, approx. $60 a month (good salary here
>begins from $200) but I loaded by work a very little, and can dedica-
>te all my time to hobbies and studying theosophy. I have a grandmother,
>too, she's a "retired" like you, we call it "pensioner". She worked
>as engineer, too - in chemical industry. She lives separately from
>us, but in summer we live together at dacha. I haven't a wife and
>don't planning to marry.
>L> It was even an adjustment when I first got my little cat, Chou chou.
> When I was a small boy, I wished to have a cat, but my parents
>didn't allow me, because we lived in so called "communal flat". It
>means that the different families occupy different rooms in one flat,
>sharing bathroom, WC and kitchen. Now we live in a "separate", i.e.
>own flat with 3 rooms and kitchen, but I've lost my interest to pet
>animals. Though I'd probably like to have "collie" (I don't know how
>properly spells in English this type of dog - it's like Lassie from a
>film). They seem to me more intelligent and less agressive.
>L> I like to watch C-span, which I think you don't get.
>Yes. But if one buys a satellite dish, probably it will be available.
>L> They invite peeople to their programs to talk about it.
>Here such a programs are popular, too - they are like "Donahue show".
>L> The Senators came off as being rather stupid, I thought.
>Our king Peter the 1st gave the folloving edict:
>"In parlaments, speeches should not been read from written, to make
>stupidity of everyone clearly seen"

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