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Thanks Liesel and Bee/To: Daniel Caldwell, Re: HPB biographies

Jul 11, 1996 06:41 PM
by Blavatsky Foundation

See my comment at the very end of this!

Liesel  wrote:
> Dear Daniel,
> I'm sorry you have to battle all that negativity re HPB, which leads to
> nowhere, except that it makes everyone feel bad. I hope when you're done
> defending yourself against Alexis' left handed point of view, you'll take
> the time to give us the result of some of your research concerning HPB's
> ideas and happenings which will show the positive side of her & Theosophy,
> which is what people really would be more interested in knowing about,
> because that might lead to some spiritual growth.

Bee Brown wrote:
>Congratulations on your even tempered replies to such daft nonsense. There is 
>really no point in defending it as there is nothing to defend and that seems 
>to be the line you are taking. To my sorrow I was unable to be so even 
>tempered myself.

Thanks Liesel and Bee for your kind words of encouragement.  
It really helps to try to be even tempered even in spite of the "daft


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