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Re: Stuck in the Middle

Jul 10, 1996 11:00 PM
by ramadoss

At 12:57 AM 7/11/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Shaman wrote:
>> > ...[Richard Ihle writes]...
>> > Welcome to the list to you both.
>> Yes. I will. But I do use killfiles...and if someone is too negative,
>> I just put them in my killfile. I really don't need that junk in
>> my life.
>> >  If you need
>> > corroboration, just ask Bee
>> I don't need corroboration. It seems to be a cycle that mailing
>> lists go through.
>> >--because it seems like it is only by chance or
>> > good fortune that we have her back now
>> I agree entirely. I wouldn't want to lose her wisdom -- and she seems
>> to have a great deal of it.
> Thank you for those kind words, are you sure you are talking about me? :-) I 
>don't come across that way to myself. I joined theos-l nearly a year ago so I 
>guess I just plain missed you all and circumstances have changed so here I am 
>I am increasingly glad that I am a theosophist in New Zealand as we are a 
>closeknit bunch because we are such a small country. I have been president of 
>Wanganui Lodge for 3 years and done 4 years as a representative of our Lodge 
>at the quarterly presidents meetings at HQ in Auckland. This gives us all a 
>chance to express our gripes, comments or accolades and get them off our 
>chests. We also represent our members there and take their concerns up there 
>for the notice of the Nat President etc. We have 14 Lodges over here and most 
>times they are all represented. There have been some issues where it has 
>taken years to come to an agreement after much give and take. I think we all 
>give our President many headaches with our independent thinking and refusal 
>to agree to something that we don't like. 
>We spent Sunday morning up there discussing what our Lodges are doing and 
>what help we would like from HQ and we all know each other quite well so we 
>help each other when we can. We have also had some real strife from attempted 
>Lodge take-over bids but it gets handled one way or another. It often amazes 
>me how two descriptions of the same fact can be so entirely different but I 
>have learned much about that since joining e-mail discussions.

        One of the major problems, I see in the American Section is the top
down and bottom up communication on organizational matters. I am glad to see
the set up in NZ. Due to the size of NZ it is practical. In the USA we have
a board of directors and based on my twenty years of experience with the
American Section, the up-down communication is very poor indeed. What we get
(ordinary members who do not have connections) is what is fed via the
national publication AT. Some of the important issues came up as total
surprise to ordinary members. I hope something is done about it before it is
too late.

MK Ramadoss

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