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Jul 10, 1996 10:31 PM
by Keith Price


> connection to the light and experience on the path as a kind of mutual
> recognition.

Mutual recognition of what? 

That we are all "MASTERS" and "CHELAS" and also animals, vegetables and minerals
and in UNITY -trully one.

>  I think that being really alive is very threatening and is
> accompanied by fear, anger, depression, false pride

Fear of the unknown, I agree with. I am not sure about depression or
false pride. I guess, for me, all of this is just so natural...and I
am totally aware that every human being on the planet comes with the
"software" to do it. He or she just has to make the choice...and it
*is* that simple. 

Keith:  I think for me I must overcome a self-importance that being attracted to
spiritual studies  and analyzing them makes me any better and probably less so
that the "fireman who saves the child" kind of spirituality and love in action.
I am playing with the idea that in a past life I was some kind of priest or
priestess or something and misused my power probably by seducing my "flock" (NOW
TELL ME THAT"S NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!)  It kinds of puts a different spin on
things if the reason why I am personally struggling with this issue with so
little success, rings a karmic bell.  THe gift of pedagocial love from my
students  is a powerful temptation.  I am a teacher and it is hard not use even
the occasional gift, or dreamey sigh as invitation for deeper relationships so
to speak that are not really couched (bad word, heh Chuck?) in spiritiual terms.
In fact, I am totally frustrated in this area, not by any sense of nobility
either,  and can see how my attitude must be changed to an unselfish meeting of
my students needs with the proper professional distance, of course.  (Any horney
teachers out there know what I mean?)

> and hopefully an ultimate
> ability to love-connect-respond to the One no matter the seeming seperateness.

There is no separateness though. If you can imagine it (I don't know
if you are visual or not), it's almost like that movie "Stargate" where
there is a veil...and we can go through that veil...and *that's* the
scary part...because it brings up so much unfamiliarity (on a conscious
level anyway.) Our unconscious and Higher Selves communicate with the
other side of that veil constantly. We can go back and forth with
reasonable ease...once we get the hang of it. 

Does any of this resonate for you?


Actually, I feel quite comfortable going back and forth and even merging the two
in a powerful way.  I have experimented with a numer of tools, good and bad.
Drugs and alcohol  are bad but quite effective, destructive and predictibly
negative in their ultimate ability to transform consciousness and lift veils (
some skirts should be left unlifted and some openings unzipped  :)  Lucid
dreaming aka astral travel is an area that is quite intoxicating also but
similarly filled with maya.  THus the goal is not to retreat or hide in the
occult or spirituality, but to make it transparent, to become its tool, but with
discrimation, good conduct and desirelessness which presupposes fearlessness,
enthusiasm  (the opposite of depression) and humilty (true recognition of my
strength and weaknesses)>

Keith Price

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