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Re: To: Daniel Caldwell, Re: HPB biographies

Jul 10, 1996 08:20 PM
by Bee Brown

liesel f. deutsch wrote:
> Dear Daniel,
> I'm sorry you have to battle all that negativity re HPB, which leads to
> nowhere, except that it makes everyone feel bad. I hope when you're done
> defending yourself against Alexis' left handed point of view, you'll take
> the time to give us the result of some of your research concerning HPB's
> ideas and happenings which will show the positive side of her & Theosophy,
> which is what people really would be more interested in knowing about,
> because that might lead to some spiritual growth.
> LieselI concur with Liesel.
Congratulations on your even tempered replies to such daft nonsense. There is 
really no point in defending it as there is nothing to defend and that seems 
to be the line you are taking. To my sorrow I was unable to be so even 
tempered myself.

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