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Re: Stuck in the middle

Jul 10, 1996 10:54 AM
by Shaman

> 100% agree!

Thanks! :-)


> it's going to evolve into a better kind of an 
> electronic organization or rather an electronic community--not just a 
> forum--a free coalition of independent thinkers helping each other (rather than 
> teaching each other).

Or at the very minimum, we are certainly free to teach each other in
areas where we may have individually studied a particular topic. Some
of that has happened with a few individuals in relation to my recent
experiences. Those who know more than I have shared their perspectives
with me which provides me with the opportunity to expand my understanding.
However, it is all offered in the spirit of knowing that we are all a
combination of teacher and student...and there is no ego enhancement

It would also be great to see people take a chance and write about
their spiritual experiences on the list. 

> 2. T.S. unfavorably compares with some other quasi-theosophical 
> organizations that serve as strictly resource centers engaged in 
> preservation and distribution of certain teachings attributed to 
> various Adepts rather than 
> broadcasting and enforcing their leaders' views or their beloved version 
> of theosophy: Arcane School, the Temple of the People, and Nicholas 
> Roerich Museum & Agni Yoga Society.    

I don't have enough history on this whole thing to really get a sense
of what all that means. 

> lot of lousy karma initiated by two of its co-founders, HPB and Olcott, 
> who issued orders on behals of the Masters, encouraged unquestioning 
> obedience, etc., etc., so the subsequent leaders just perpetuated that 
> tradition--without being initiates like HPB.

Well, it's important to remember though that a person can be very
enlightened and still come to this planet with their own karma. The
real test in my mind would be this:

Has Ms. Blavatsky or Mr. Olcott ever offered anything, idea-wise,
that has enriched the people who have learned of it? Have they
changed any lives? Have they done any good? Bottom line is that
they will ultimately be judged on that alone. Being enlightened
in one area doesn't prevent someone from being a butthead in
another area.
I'm reminded a bit of the personality of Ayn Rand. Although I am
no one's libertarian, she *did* come up with ideas for people to
think about. My understanding from Barbara Branden, her personality
left a lot to be desired. In the world of ideas, personality just
doesn't matter though. It is only the merit of the idea that

If anyone knowingly and blindly follows another, s/he usually gets
what s/he pays for: nothing. It is an individual and personal
responsibility to think independently. No one -- not Blavatsky,
Ayn Rand or God herself -- is responsible for our elightenment. 
I haven't read enough of Ms.Blavatsy to know whether or not she
came up with any revolutionary ideas...but what little I know,
I found some value there. I don't much care about her personally,
one way or the other. That's between her and her God.

> This karma got built in the 
> very structure of the Society, so there is little hope for T.S. to 
> survive.  

I disagree here. That sort of thing always has the potential of
being turned around. It's up to the individuals involved to 
make it happen. As a friend of mine always says, "take the best
and leave the rest." 

-- -- 
Baltimore Chessman-Sweeney                     "I strive to be the person
                                                my dog thinks I am."

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