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Jul 09, 1996 08:08 PM
by Keith Price


I would like to talk about 4 or so K's and 4 or so Q's.  Reading
Krishnimurti's ghost written, so to speak, work AT THE FEET OF
THE MASTER which we in Houston are studying, I was struck by the
four Q's or qualifications - 1. discrimination 2.  desirelessness
3. good conduct and 4. LOVE.  I felt like I was gushing a bit by
bringing up the subject of love in a theosophical context, but
better souls than I have seen to mention it now and then without

Krishnaji (if I may call him that) states boldy that "of all the
qualifications, Love is the most important, for if it is strong
enough in a man, it forces him to acquire all the rest, and all
the rest without it would never be sufficient. Often it is
translated as an intense desire for liberation from the round of
births and death, and for union with God.  But to put it in that
way sounds selfish, and gives only part of the meaning.  It is
not so much desire as WILL, resolve, determination . . . Because
He is Love, you, if you would become one with Him, must be filled
with perfect unselfishness and love also....."

One gets the idea that through a type of tantric or bakti yoga -
linking with the Master through Love (capitalized to refer to
Diving love as opposed to earthly love or ego driven love, oh
demonic separation that causeth the fall in the first place!),
one can achieve co-equal status with the Master as his servant or
representative.  Love is the fiat the carte blanche the VISA and
MASTERCARD (literally). Through love we partake of the Master's
divine nature and thus linking with Him becomes his brother and
brides (this begins to sound a little like Catholism regarding
monks and nuns, as well as the Buddhist tradition perhaps)>

Jean Houston in her book SEARCH FOR THE BELOVED expressed the
exact same themes present in the imitation christi, the tantic
shakti yoga meditation and reiterated them from the Sufi
tradition of Rumi.  Synchronisticaly, I realize that much of
Rumi's poetry was directed at his intoxication with his male
lover who represented the ineffable an inexpressable beyond human
form. The whiling devershises provided a type of god-

Of note in the news, synchronistically (maybe everything is),is
Jean Houston's "excercises" in talking to Eleanor Roosevelt and
other women.  This was trivialized shamelessly by some in the
press as a type of seance or talking to the dead.  On talk radio
Ms. Clinton has been accused openly of dealing in the occult and
being part of an occult conspiracy that started with - THEOSOPHY
- would it were true.

Also of note is the fact that students who dared where KKK
letters on there hats at graduation were denied military
promotions and were ratted on by their high school president and
shunted off to lesser duties (I don't have the exact details).
It seems that hate is ever noticed and follows one everywhere
despite maybe foolish mistakes, but Love is ever occult and so
easily left unseen or unexpressed perhaps.

I read Robert Frost' FIRE AND ICE again today quite by accident
and he explores the theme of whether the world will be destoyed
by fire (desire-love) or ice (hate) he conludes that he prefers
fire, but that ice will suffice.

Keith Price

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