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Re: Fatal Attractions

Jul 07, 1996 09:07 PM
by Bee Brown

Keith Price wrote:
>  BCS wrote:
> When something is a karmic connection, I believe that it is so powerful
> that we can't avoid seeing it. I had that experience in 1994 when I
> drew someone into my life who stalked me, harrassed me and ultimately
> tried to kill me. I don't think those things are random. Sure enough,
> I was told by a psychic advisor that I had karma with that person,
> was told what to do to pay the debt and release it. I did that and
> it worked. It turns out that I drew that to me because in a previous
> life, I didn't defend what was right. I had just gone along with
> something although I *knew* it was wrong because I didn't want to
> create conflict.
> I don't know if that will be a clue for you or not. I am still
> thinking about why you might be stuck in Houston. I had to travel
> 2500 miles to create that situation in 1994....but it had to be
> done before I could be released from it. I would like to know what
> your situation is in Houston.
> bcs
> -- --
> Baltimore Chessman-Sweeney
> Keith:
> This is too spooky.  Yes, I feel I am getting sucked into some kind of sick
> situation and the fact that I am fascinated by it an not only repelled says that
> I feel the need to deal with it rather than run this time.  I don't know the
> detail of your situation and am not trying to infer that it is similiar to mine,
> except that large social issues may be at work as well as personal karma.   It
> may have to do with someone who is seeking spiritual help, but these kind of
> things rarely get to the higher atimic-buddhi planes of spiritual growth and
> tend to sink to the lower kama-manas and desire-revenge astral planes to stretch
> the jargon a little.  I think it has too do with the deep issue of men asking
> for love, nuturing ,acceptance, and deep spiritual connection from each other
> which is totally debased in our society.  The only acceptable outlets are
> competitve and aggressive sportsmanship (including hunting) and buddy-buddy
> drinking and whore chasing.  The mens movement with all the shamanic drumming
> and sweat lodging is trying to resurrect male bonding from it degraded state and
> attempt to reframe it a native American spirituality.  Your nkickname suggests
> that you may be interested in shamanism.  Unfortunately it may take many
> generations of  "male" evolution to free ourselves from the shame associated
> with men asking men for spiritual help on any other but an intellectual basis.
> Namaste
> Keith Price

Bee suggests.
So much of my reading just now keeps leading me to the aspects of personality 
which is what gives us all the trouble. Much of the advise given today is of 
a nature that keeps us focussed on the personality (ego) rather than try to 
connect with our individuality (Ego). It is my ego that gets frustrated where 
as my Ego just looks on and says nothing because I am not listening in that 
direction. It is ego that keeps the karma going, either sort, it doesn't 
matter. The whole rationale of being here on earth seems to be to learn 
selflessness, self-discipline etc, and that seems to mean persuading the ego 
to become the vehicle for the Ego and so live life with wisdom. All the 
events that come up every day seem geared to make us take notice and learn a 
different way of dealing with them. When we live from the Ego then divisive 
issues just aren't there because we see the wholeness of everything and we 
let others be what they are because we no longer relate to them as separate 
from us. Take an impersonal view of the issues and see what happens to them 
That is the ideal but I guess we are at least trying by being theosophists.

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