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Re: Fatal Attractions

Jul 07, 1996 09:48 PM
by Shaman

> This is too spooky.  Yes, I feel I am getting sucked into some kind of sick
> situation and the fact that I am fascinated by it an not only repelled says that
> I feel the need to deal with it rather than run this time.

That sounds best actually. The reason I say that is if you run when it
isn't appropriate to run (ex: you don't want to deal with the conflict),
it will just come up in your life in a way that is far less avoidable. 

In my situation, I had had several opportunities in my lifetime to 
stand up for things that are right, defend myself when appropriate,
learn the lessons I needed to learn before the attempted homicide ever
occurred. Despite all of those opportunities, I still chose to run...
because I didn't want to create conflict. I'd actually brought the 
need to learn that from a previous incarnation. It just kept on
presenting itself in this life, over and over, until a situation
arose where I could no longer avoid it. 

My metaphysical teacher tells me that if we don't learn the first
time, that the situations will increase in severity...until we
either learn it or die. 

So...if this situation you are approaching now is one you can complete
without actual physical danger to yourself, I would say "go for it."

> except that large social issues may be at work as well as personal karma.

I think I can kind of see where you are going with terms of
my stalker having been a male who was taught that getting help or
expressing himself more appropriately wasn't really available to
him. That brings the larger social issue of men's oppression (which
is just as real as the oppression of we women) that prevented him
from being able to take the correct steps to "fix" himself. 

>   It
> may have to do with someone who is seeking spiritual help

He was afraid of abandonment. He as much as said so. 

>, but these kind of
> things rarely get to the higher atimic-buddhi planes of spiritual growth and
> tend to sink to the lower kama-manas and desire-revenge astral planes to stretch
> the jargon a little.

Could you explain this in plain English? :-) I'm not sure I entirely
understand you...and I really want to. 

>  I think it has too do with the deep issue of men asking
> for love, nuturing ,acceptance, and deep spiritual connection from each other
> which is totally debased in our society.

You are exactly right about that. 

>  The mens movement with all the shamanic drumming
> and sweat lodging is trying to resurrect male bonding from it degraded state and
> attempt to reframe it a native American spirituality.

But it will only work for some men. Don't you agree?

>  Your nkickname suggests
> that you may be interested in shamanism.

Yes. I am. Not exclusively though.  

>  Unfortunately it may take many
> generations of  "male" evolution to free ourselves from the shame associated
> with men asking men for spiritual help on any other but an intellectual basis.

Right here, I get the impression that you might be thinking that I'm 
a man. I am not. I know the name is a bit ambiguous. That is what 
happens when people name their kids after cities. It's an odd practice
and can cause some misunderstandings. Nope. I'm female. 

Still, your point counts just the same. It is really up to men to
take that situation in hand and *start* asking each other for
help -- outside a professional context. "Society" be damned. Sometimes
we just have to start *doing*. I remember an old thing I learned in
est 20 years ago. Do, be, have. It works in that order. 

If you get to a point where you are comfortable to discuss the
situation that is keeping you in Houston, that attracts and repels
you, I am interested in hearing. 

Thanks for your response. I always like what you have to say. 


-- -- 
Baltimore Chessman-Sweeney                     "No significant quote"


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