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Jul 07, 1996 01:17 PM
by Bee Brown

> Is it a Saturday late nite joke?

No. Not really. Am I missing something?

> Are you crazy? Asking such questions would
> force everybody on this list to follow in Alexis'
> footsteps and to drop out furious at everybody else.

I certainly hope people's minds are broad enough to accept many
definitions. I take it then, that you all have to agree on

Please excuse this method of replying but since having just dropped in to 
test the waters I seem to be on digest somehow.
Theosophists do not very often agree on anything which in many cases may stem 
from the terminology used. People on this list can be very passionate about 
their particular aspect of Theosophy so arguements occur and we even shout at 
each other over e-mail if you can imagine such a thing. 
I think Max may have been 'tongue in cheek' with his reply because the 
hardest thing is to explain Theosophy in a few words. It all depends which 
perspective one comes from and I have had persons walk into our library and 
casually ask what is Theosophy and I sort of cringe inside and try to crank 
up the thought process to find something to say that makes sense to them. 
Where to begin? The 3 objects, karma, reincarnation, masters, good library, 
nice members, wisdom, the organisation, the founders, study group, to name 
but a few that run throught the mind in great haste. I hope that some of the 
knowledgeable people on here will respond because then I may have something 
to say to my inquirers too. Some people are good with arranging their 
thoughts into written pages so, please something concise but meaningful :-)
Bee Brown.


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