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Astral/Etheric terms (Jerry)

Jul 06, 1996 07:56 AM
by Jim Meier

Referencing an earlier post of mine which listed quotations from the SD on
magic, Jerry wrote,
>>(JLM note: in the above quote, we must remember HPB's frequent use of the
>>word "astral" to signify "etheric.")
>	Astral signifies astral.  Etheric is a CWL term to
>indicate the higher subplanes of the physical plane.
>	Jerry S.

Are you sure about that?  I've always thought two of the biggest problems in
reading HPB were 1) the blinds, and 2) the often confusing use of the word
astral to refer to "that CWL term which indicates the higher subplanes of
the physical plane."

We can toss quotes back and forth, but I thought it best to first make sure
I'm understanding correctly your position that HPB did not use the word
astral interchangeably with etheric in this particular instance,
specifically, or in any general context of her writings.


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