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Re: Breathing Exercises

Jul 05, 1996 05:26 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Really?  How do you know this?  This goes straight to the matter of
>"prudence/ danger/psychism/consequences of action," I think. 
	How do I know it?  How else can you explain why certain
breathing techniques work with some folks and not with others?  
It is a fact that what works for one person may not work for
another (otherwise, we would all be doing the same thing).

> As Maxim
>pointed out in an earlier post, it is the mental aspect of pranayama which
>is responsible for the direction of energy and manipulation of substance.
>Your post would seem to indicate you don't think it's possible to use energy
>in a wrong way -- is that what you're saying?  If not, then breathing
>exercises are a "technique" to what end?
	The "end" is the goal of yoga--union of the self with the Self.
My own yoga experiences tell me that you are not going to direct
prana around your body just mentally.  Have you done this?  It also
requires physical movement, including breathing.  At least it does
for me.

>Actually, there's quite a bit in the Sutras about the chakras; for example,
>the seven methods of attainment listed in Book I to overcome the Obstacles
>and Hindrances each correlate to one of the seven centers.  
>Method I:  Sutra 33, solar plexus center
>Method II: Sutra 34, center at the base of the spine -- this is the
>reference to kundalini "yoga" that you mention
>Method III:Sutra 35, center between the eyebrows
>and so on.
	Jim, I personally have no problem with this.  But you
will catch a lot of flames from others if you are suggesting that
Kundalini Yoga is ok because it is part of Raja Yoga.  Core
theosophists have condoned Raja Yoga (mainly because
HPB did) but not Kundalini Yoga, which is greatly feared.
Sending energy to activate the chakras is Kundalini Yoga,
and not normally considered part of Raja Yoga.  Most
theosophists (I am an exception) would prefer to wait
until the chakras activate themselves, naturally.

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

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