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RE: Breathing Exercises

Jul 05, 1996 05:26 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Suppose we agree that the ultimate goal on the level of our personalities 
>is to attain union with our higher selves. 
> So all the physical (both gross physical and subtle physical) means, like
>breathing exercises, 
>are not appropriate anymore.  The way of occult study and meditation is harder,
 >but it seems to be the only regular way for the 5th-race folks--except maybe a

>few individuals whose karma it is to develop techniques of healing 
>for the benefit of the entire humanity, etc. 

	Your conclusion doesn't make sense to me.  The whole
intent of breathing execises and prananyama is to silence the lower
self, both body and mind.  When the body stops breathing and the
mind stops thinking, then the union with our higher Self will be
obviously apparent by direct experience.  I agree that you don't
have to sit in a lotus position or any other position, or eat special
foods, and all of that stuff.  This is where the 5th Race stuff comes
into play.   But you will never find union with the
Self until you silence the body and personality in something
other than death.

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

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