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RE: Breathing Exercises

Jul 04, 1996 09:25 PM
by Maxim Osinovsky

On Thu, 4 Jul 1996, Jerry Schueler wrote:

> >"Use whatever works best"--works for what? What do you mean by the forest?
> >Anybody who plans his/her actions usually picks up a goal first and then 
> >chooses appropriare means.
> >
> >Max
> 	You are right, you should always have a goal (motive)
> in mind.  Since we were discussing breathing techniques, I
> assumed that you already had a goal in mind.  Perhaps Doss
> had a motive?  Anyway, it is doubtful that anyonw would go to
> much effort to study and practice breathing techniques without
> some motive or goal in mind.  Assume you have a motive.
> If so, then my suggestion is to practice some technique for
> a time.  If nothing happens (you feel no closer to your goal)
> then try another technique. Some work good for some people
> and not at all for others.
> 	By "forest" I mean the goal or motive.  By "trees"
> I mean techniques.  Sometime people practice techniques
> long after they have forgotten their intended motive for doing so.
> 	Jerry S.
> 	Member, TI


I feel you've missed some messages crucial for this discussion, so your 
response is not specific.

What you described above, is simply well-known trial-and-error technique (a 
standard dictionary definition: "a way of getting satisfactory results by 
trying several methods and learning from one's mistakes") usable in any 
area of human activity and having no specific relation to the subject 
matter of the present discussion. It is generally good if one is in a 
complete darkness. 

Now, we are NOT in complete darkness discussing such issues as siddhis 
or breathing exercises--so much has been published and said about it. So 
it does help if one, before contemplating acquisition of siddhis or 
planning breathing exercises, does a little research and works out a 
meaningful strategy. If one adopts theosophy as a working hypothesis (by 
theosophy I mean here its primary sources) then it is provable 
that siddhis PER SE should not be a goal,  
and ELABORATE breathing exercises are not to be tried at all--for most 
people in this fifth root-race. I did not provide all the proofs to save 
time, but gave enough references to support my viewpoint. (The proof is 
to be based on the idea that the ultimate goal of someone on the Path of 
Return is liberation and union with a higher reality rather than sinking 
into avidya.) Of course, if 
one adopts another system of thought as a guiding light, one may arrive 
at totally different conclusions.


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