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RE: Breathing Exercises

Jul 04, 1996 06:48 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>"Use whatever works best"--works for what? What do you mean by the forest?
>Anybody who plans his/her actions usually picks up a goal first and then 
>chooses appropriare means.

	You are right, you should always have a goal (motive)
in mind.  Since we were discussing breathing techniques, I
assumed that you already had a goal in mind.  Perhaps Doss
had a motive?  Anyway, it is doubtful that anyonw would go to
much effort to study and practice breathing techniques without
some motive or goal in mind.  Assume you have a motive.
If so, then my suggestion is to practice some technique for
a time.  If nothing happens (you feel no closer to your goal)
then try another technique. Some work good for some people
and not at all for others.
	By "forest" I mean the goal or motive.  By "trees"
I mean techniques.  Sometime people practice techniques
long after they have forgotten their intended motive for doing so.

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

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