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Re: Comments on the Book of Dzyan

Jul 04, 1996 05:42 PM
by Maxim Osinovsky

On Thu, 4 Jul 1996, Blavatsky Foundation wrote:

> The following was found on alt.horror.cthulhu.  I thought
> students of Theosophy might find it of some interest.
> Daniel Caldwell
> blafoun <>
> Date: Thu, 04 Jul 96 15:31:55 -700
> >> Re: Necronomicon/Book of Dzyan
> >> 
> >>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 
> >> From  >)
> >> Organization   Pipeline
> >> Date           4 Jul 1996 13:49:34 GMT
> >> Newsgroups     alt.horror.cthulhu
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> >>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Dear Daniel,

Thanks for posting this material. It's really interesting to know what 
enemies of theosophy think about it, in part because theosophists are not 
supposed to believe in The Secret Doctrine just because H.P.B. wrote or 
channeled it, so in some sense the enemies are doing wonderful job by 
urging us to think deeper about the entire matter. I was glad to see  
that the alt.horro.cthulhu essay did not shake my high opinion of 
S.D., mostly because it is so superficious. S.D. is a poor scholarship 
indeed, but I believe many of those who study it do it not because of its 
scholarly merits.


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