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Re: Breathing Exercises

Jul 04, 1996 01:06 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>In the case of Pranayama, the folks who urge restraint seem
> (IMO) to carry more weight than those who argue 
>"Damn the torpedos!"  

	Jim, I think you missed the whole point, at least
the one that I was trying to make.  I never advocated "damn
the torpedoes" to anyone, but rather said that without
that attititude, Heaven could not be taken and Gnosis
could not be obtained (speaking on the average, of course,
and always allowing for exceptions when it comes to
people).  Lots of folks don't want Gnosis nor Heaven,
nor enlightenment, nor have any desire to obtain it.
Thats fine, because the desire only comes when the
person is ready, not before.  The desire, or need, comes
from within, not from others.  So, it would not be at all
helpful for me to be advocating "damn the torpedoes"
to anyone except those who are ready for it, and those
folks will aleady be doing it anyway.
	BTW, Patajali's pranayama, as far as I know,
is a relatively safe approach, and anyone who is afraid
to try it had best stick to reading and study.

	Jerry S.
	Member TI

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