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Re: Off the chest

Jul 01, 1996 11:49 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 08:41 PM 7/1/96 -0400, you wrote:
>In message <>, alexis
>dolgorukii <> writes
>>Now, I've gotten it off my chest, and you've gotten it off yours. Let's go
>>back to being good friend shall we?
>We can try :-) as long as I am allowed to be as "down and dirty" as you
>Ancient Wisdom for a New Age
>But of course you are Alan! And you've been giving me "tit for tat" and
I've been giving it right back. so what? That's easy to agree to as long as
it is also agreed that when either of us reacts to something the other says,
it's agreed to remain friends no matter what. That's what I believe being
mature is all about. In a way, that's what Chuck has been talking about,
it's "The American Way". For instance, Chuck and I are about a million miles
apart politically. I am an extreme social liberal and he is an extreme
conservative, I hate Pat Buchanan and Chuck really likes him. But we have
become very good friends. The thing both he and I are exercised about is the
idea that everyone MUST agree or very politely "decline to state". Both he
and I think a rigorous argument is healthy and it clears the air. It also
requires people to think, whereas a "mutual admiration society" absolutely
precludes thought of any kind. That's what's wrong with Institutional
Theosophy, and Fundamentalist Religion, and most Political "Cults", the are
in such an encapsulated closed environment society that they never hear
anything but agreement. Such incestuous intellectual pollination produces
absolutely nothing at all, except extreme surprise when such groups suddenly
learn that there are not only those who disagree with them, but those who
disagree strongly.

In friendship...alexei

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