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Re: Rounding off of discussions

Jul 01, 1996 11:12 AM
by RIhle

>Chuck writes>
>Are you by any chance familiar with the SRI experiment involving silver
>futures some years back?
>The details escape me but if I remember correctly Charles Tart and co. set
>an experiment to psyhically predict the silver market and were successful,
>though I do not remember the degree of success that was involved.
>It is generally conceded by those who study such things that successful
>gamblers are psychic to one degree or another.  
>It is not generally admitted, but psychics are used by corporations quite
>often these days to predict market behavior.
>I am in the process of setting up an experiment in controlling market
>Chuck the Heretic

Richard Ihle writes>
The name Charles Tart sounds ~very~ familiar.  Is he British by chance?  I
remember talking to someone originally from England one time who was trying
to sell a silver system; however, it was not based on psychism.  I traded
silver for several years until the market more or less went dead; then I
switched to the bonds.  Now, my son handles the account for us, and he is
about the last person in the world who would make a trade without having a
ream of recondite math equations to back himself up.

--On the other hand, if your experiment comes up with something (T-bonds,
Deutschemarks, Yen, silver, or soy beans) let me know and I might do an
end-run around the lad to Lind-Waldock on my own--cutting you in for a
percentage, of course.


Richard Ihle

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