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Re: To Alan and Jacques

Jul 01, 1996 10:17 AM
by m.k. ramadoss

Paul: I enjoyed your message. I hope the readers will feel more 
comfortable to know that they are welcome to post any of their thoughts 
opinions and experience and many of us will respect them no matter what 
they are.


On Mon, 1 Jul 1996, K. Paul Johnson wrote:

> Apologies for the use of names in the header, but it was the
> only thing that seemed to fit.
> Alan, you asked if all Americans are down and dirty, rude,
> aggressive etc. etc. as depicted by Alexis.  I can assure you
> that if you ever visit Virginia (not including "Yankee
> Virginia", the suburbs of Washington, D.C.) you will find us
> paragons of courtliness.  The most highly esteemed virtue here
> is gentility, civility, politesse, to give three synonyms.
> Race relations are the best in the nation, I suspect,
> and we are the only state to elect an African American
> governor.  An interesting statistic to illustrate the generally
> lower level of aggressiveness is that we are #1 in the
> percentage of drivers who obey speed limits and use seatbelts.
> As a Brit you can also be assured that Virginians are the most
> likely of all Americans to fawn over anyone from the Mother
> Country.  On rare trips north I have found myself shocked to the
> point of tears (not weeping, but feeling the potential arise) by the abrupt,
> aggressive rudeness of New Yorkers. 
> (Of course, we do have our share of obnoxious rednecks like
> Jerry Falwell but most Virginians are mortified by such people.)
> Jacques, don't let yourself get sucked into a vortex of
> denunciation.  For you to say that theos-l is generally hostile
> to theosophical teachings, doesn't deserve the name, and such
> is to descend to the very level you seem to deplore.  Edgar
> Cayce says "Criticize others and you will be criticized
> yourself" (paraphrase).  The best policy, if you wish to
> elevate the level of discourse around here, is to POST A
> WANT TO SEE.  There is a tremendous amount of denunciation that
> goes on here, but there is also room for communications at
> another level.  Welcome aboard, and here's an invitation: Share
> something of your ideals and ideas with us.  I promise to
> respect them; if someone else doesn't-- ignore it.
> Namaste
> Paul

    Peace to all living beings.

    M K Ramadoss

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