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Jun 20, 1997 04:05 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

This is mostly uppon reflection of asome of what Jaqi wrote.

> I don't know how many of the German people under the Nazis
>> >  were armed, but my guess is not all of them by any means.

The Nazis were bullies. I think, and it figures, that at least the Gestapo
and the SS were armed. I'm not sure about the ordinary brown shirts. I don't
really remember factuaklly, but I'd bet that many of them *were* armed.

"The enemy of truth is concensus". I don't agree with that at all at all. To
me, agreeing by concensus is superior to agreeing because the top of the
hierarchy  told you to. The statement is also suspect by me, because I know
concensus to be a female way of doing business, and whoever is depicting it
as an enemy - bits to buttons - is an antagonistic male.

I can see some sense to changing what I said about all militia being
fascist. When you mention the "Guardian Angels", I can see that they're
militia, and they helped when things in New York City got way out of bounds,
even though some people thought they were illegal. The colonial definition
of militia also makes sense for those times. Their militia sounds more like
our National Guard, which can be called out by the Governor. What those
militias were organized for is a far cry from militia espousing that Texas
is still a sovereign nation, or that the federal government is coming after
you with black helicopters, or that you're going to get carried to the next
dimension in a shiny flying saucer. I don't know really where to draw the
line there. Maybe at deluding people, especially into killing themselves. It
becomes a little vague, expecially when you think of J Edgar Hoover keeping
a file on the likes of Albert Einstein, and Martin Luther King. I suppose he
kept the file under his skirts!


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