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Re: What the issues aren't

Jun 20, 1997 01:20 PM
by kymsmith

Paul wrote:

>Masturbation is not the issue, and homosexuality is not the
>issue.  Taking sexual advantage of minors, swearing them to
>secrecy, telling them this was for their own spiritual welfare,
>and doing so under the guise of a spiritual organization-- those
>are the real issues.  And the TS has done absolutely nothing to
>face them, or even admit what they are.  Tillett's book was not
>reviewed in the AT or the Theosophist, both of which made vague
>references to unnamed "biased attacks."  So perhaps the most
>important issue of all is like that facing the Catholic
>Church.  The sacrifice of truth and the welfare of children in
>order to save the reputation of a corrupt priest and a corrupt
>religious institution.

Indeed, Paul, indeed.

I think the TS should render a public apology.  That would not only put the
terrible acts of CWL to its "best on could hope for" rest - but also show
that the TS is not like those "other" religious organizations we so mock.

It is in cases such as this where the Heart of an organization is tested. . .


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