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Re: science + religion = theosophy

Jun 28, 1996 11:34 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 08:27 PM 6/28/96 -0400, you wrote:
>>. We run a
>>gamut from Jerry S. who has a strong belief in certain Buddhist-Vedic
>>speculative cosmology to me who doesn't believe in any of it.That's what
>>makes it "theosophical" and it's entirely contradictory to any kind of "core
>>doctrine" policy. So actually Martin you'll have to do your questioning to
>>each "small "t" theosophist individually. Have fun!
>	As Alexis says, Martin, you will doubtless get a different
>answer from each of us.  But this is exactly as it should be.  We are
>all on different levels of understanding.  We are all seekers of truth.
>	Jerry S.
>	Member, TI
>That's absolutely corrrect, "SEEKERS" is the operative term. What scares me
about "Core Theosophists" is that they seem to believe they are FINDERS".


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