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Re: science + religion = theosophy

Jun 28, 1996 11:32 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 08:27 PM 6/28/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Alexis: > Yes, I've heard of the
>>"faculty of Buddhi".....the thing that is beginning to worry me is that I am
>>beginning to be afraid that you think you've got it! One thing I am sure of
>>and that is that the people who created "Core Theosophy" don't really show
>>too much evidence of it. If, that is, it exists in other than fertile
>	As far as I know, one of the primary characteristics
>of the "faculty of Buddhi" is acceptance.  This implies tolerance
>and open-ness to new ideas.  "Core Theosophy" is a mental
>construct, made of manas, perhaps with some buddhi-manas
>insight, but manas nonetheless.  It serves well as a step
>along the Path, but all theosophists should recognize that it
>is but a step, and needs to be transcended some day. This
>is exactly the function of Jnana Yoga.
>	Jerry S.
>	Member, TI
>As usual, while I flinch at the eastern termonology, I agree with the
essence of what you're saying, I suppose I am a jnana Yogi crossed with a
karma least in that terminology. My biggest problem with
theosophy as it has evolved is that I am a Westerner and I truly believe
that the West possesses the same information anent reality that the East
does. It's just a little more effort to attain to it.


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