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Re: TI Web Page

Jun 29, 1996 09:56 AM
by JRC

On Sat, 29 Jun 1996 wrote:
> If each page is a separate link, then it will be easier to download the
> material.  So the question becomes what will be the material on the
> succeeding pages.
> My home page is set up so that the visitor goes from there to the material he
> is looking for with a minimum of material on the opening page itself, merely
> the name "Uncle Chuckies General Store" and my logo, which will probably be
> replaced by a more interesting graphic as soon as we get it up, along with
> the links.

Yeah ... I'm thinkin' the same thing ... maybe a nice TI logo, Alan's
line "Ancient Wisdom for a New Age", a single good, crisp, introductory
paragraph, and then a table of links, maybe to:
	1. The Three Objects
	2. A succint history of Theosophy, with TI placed in context.
	3. A page with abstracts of, and/or links to
	    a. Various lists & resources
	    b. Selected uploaded original texts
	    c. Selected texts/essays by current members
	4. A Form ... so a person can join TI.
	5. A page with any projects TI happens to be running.

						Just brainstorming, -JRC

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