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Re: Welcome

Jun 29, 1996 08:52 AM
by Drpsionic

the problem is that a purely mechanical action, such as walking a maze, may
make the person feel like they are accomplishing something, and some may have
actually gotten something out of it, but it has become a new age fad and as
such has become ridiculous, like idiots putting feathers in their hair and
deciding they are shamans, or twiddling some dials on an old radio-like
instrument and thinking that they have done psionics.  There is a deeper
reality that surface fads always miss.
Personally, I liken the labyrinth nonsense to a local Catholic place where
they have a flight of stairs that goes nowhere but the faithful who climb
those stairs (and drop a donation into the bucket next to them) are told that
that each time they go up the stairs they take five minutes off their time in
Of the making of fools there is no end.

Chuck the Heretic

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