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Jun 26, 1996 03:22 PM
by Alan


This short document is a transcript of a letter from another
   source, details of which are given in the copy held here in
   England, though other copies may exist elsewhere.


Letter from Judge Khandalavaka to Annie Besant, stated to be from
   Brooke's 'Neo-Theosophy Exposed,' page 442.

"Mr Khandalavaka was late Special Judge, Poona, and E.S. member,
   and member of Mrs Besant's Theosophical Educational Trust."

"Copy of Exhibit in C.C. No. 1778 of 1913, Poona, 23rd Aug. 1906.

"Dear Sister Annie,

"After reading your E.S.T. letter regarding Mr. Leadbeater I have
   thought fit to write to you, as it appears to me that the
   well-being of the T.S. must seriously be taken to now.

"The whole of L's attitude seems to indicate that he believed the
   foul practice was permissible in Occultism and that his Master
   would not object to it. (You say that 'in fact excitement and
   misuse of the sexual organs is one way of stimulating astral
   powers and is largely used in schools of pseudo-occultism.') Is
   this statement correct?  Who is there who can say he has
   personal knowledge that a particular person took to exciting and
   misusing the sexual organs and thereby acquired astral powers?
   We are too apt to make these statements too lightly.  It is
   hardly correct again to speak of pseudo-occult schools and that
   they largely take to sexual practices for gaining occult powers.

"(You have put it before the E.S.T. members that excitement and
   misuse of the sexual organs leads to acquirement of astral

"There are good, bad and indifferent members, and the sexual
   instinct once getting the upper hand in some members, your
   statement may be taken hold of and the practice resorted to, to
   have some inkling at least of astral powers.

"(In trying to answer an awkward question you have made the
   statement that Leadbeater may have acquired astral powers only.)

"He, however, cannot be said to possess merely astral powers.  He
   has written a regular manual on the Devachanic Plane, and in
   other books of his, and speeches and pamphlets, he has spoken
   and written about the higher planes in great detail."

[End of Document]

Uploaded (from a photocopy) by Alan Bain, June 1996.
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