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An interesting message

Jun 27, 1996 09:10 AM
by m.k. ramadoss


We have seen many messages here by many who are deeply interested in
Theosophy. However there is much divergence about the "language" that
some of use. I thought the following message I picked up will be of
interest to some of us in this context.

    Peace to all living beings.

    M K Ramadoss

> Date: 27 Jun 96 11:37:03 EDT
> From: Juergen Schuster <100771.1274@CompuServe.COM>
> Subject: Re: Juergen List (formerly the K Discussion List)

Hi Michael,

thanks for your marketing <s>. You should'nt take me to
serious <s>! But if you quote me, you should only quote
my writings and not distort it at your convenience. I think
the people here will notice that and it isn't such a good
marketing for you <s>.

But I'm happy, that you react! No matter how, it's OK if you
are angry and I appreciate it, that you have the courage to
complain! This is the first step! Be honest to yourself
and have the courage to express yourself! Not only being
artificial nice, because you want to be a lovely person!

You're welcome!


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