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science + religion = theosophy??

Jun 27, 1996 05:59 AM
by Martin_Euser

 Christopher Allen
<> writes
>I'm curious as to how "process" theosophists (such as Alexis) view the
>"science+religion=theosophy" theme.

Alan>Makes no sense to me at all, whatever you call it. Science+religion is
>an amalgamation of two impossible terms.
>There are sciences, and there are religions.  "Science" is an
>abstraction, and "Religion" is an abstraction - but then so is
>"Theosophy" in its proper meaning.

>Let me put my point of view simply "Apples+oranges=apples+oranges."

Alan: the 'equation': science+religion=theosophy was kind of a playful
thing constructed by me to attract attention to my article on theosophy
on talk.religion.newage (I posted it on september, 1994).
The terms 'science' and 'religion' in this 'equation' do not refer
to the current concepts of it, but to future developments as you can
gather when you read my article on the 7 jewels.
Sciences (such as psychology, but also the so-called exact sciences)
in future times will incorporate new concepts, such as an integrative
 field of energy in which so-called particle-waves are correlated
and inter-correlated. Even now there already is the concept of the
 quantum-field from which particles arise and disappear into.
 Psychology has its spiritual-oriented versions, which indicate
that even now there's already a place for spiritual experiences
within science [humanities]. Obviously I'm not talking about
dogmatized religion, but about the more mystical aspects, psychical
and transcendental experiences. I'm also using the word 'religion'
in its original sense 'religare' - to bind back - the practice
of establishing a conscious bond with the Divine element within
the (extended) human constitution.

In my article I describe spirituality, philosophy and science as
three ways of perceiving the (abstract) reality.
Theosophy can be a synthesis of these three aspects. I'd say that
the first two aspects clearly have a place in T/theosophy. As to science,
there could be done a greater effort by T/theosophists to understand
(abstract) reality regarding this aspect (research into the structure,
 function and order of the cosmos, including humanity).
This would have an enormous impact on science eventually,
if something comes out of this research-effort of course.
Theosophy is said to have a great impact on science in the
end of last century and the beginning of this one. No longer do scientists
believe in indivisible matter, but rather they see matter as a form of
concretised energy. So, there is far more to this theme than some believe.

I could elaborate more, but this short overview will illustrate
my point sufficiently, I hope.


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