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Re: TS Flowery Verbage

Jun 26, 1996 10:59 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 03:52 PM 6/26/96 -0400, you wrote:
>>A>Here I do think we also have a problem with "style" I regard term like
>>"Seven Jewels of Theosophy" as hopelessly flowery and baroque. I know for a
>>fact, from my own teaching experience, that flowery language "turns off"
>>today's young people.
>Alexis, it turns me off too, and I am not so young.  As a matter of fact,
>the sugary sweetness of typical TS verbage was the primary thing
>that Crowley had against Theosophy.  It doesn't ring true, and
>although probably well-intended, comes across as disingenuous.
>Jerry S.
>Member, TI
>Jerry: Crowley really didn't like Leadbeater either...called him "That
senile sodomite"'s interesting isn't it that Crowley, Leadbeater,
Wedgewood, and Arundale all had OTO connections, but  the latter three were
connected through Theodore Reuss to the German OTO and Crowley had drawn
back from the Germans and set up his own branch, one unconnected to the
Saturnine Order.

I agree with you about the Victorian/Edwardian style. It does ring as
disingenuous, and to most young people today, totally phoney. The thing I've
discovered is that most intelligent young people, especially those who are
psychically talented, are totally disinterested in the "mechanics" of the
greater reality. Once they know it's there, they want to use it, and are
perfectly willing to be used BY it. But they could care less about all the
Mahayana Buddhist/Vedic technical details like devachan etc. They do like
ritual though!


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