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Re: All Pilgrims

Jun 26, 1996 10:43 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Thu, 27 Jun 1996, JRC wrote:

> To Alan, Bee & etc.:
> > I agree, there is no need for this sort of rudeness.  Please may it
> > cease on all of the lists.  We can be rude to each other in private
> > postings easily enough.  If this sort of stuff keeps going back and
> > forth, our own part of the universal human family could become a family
> > at war, we will be defeating our own purposes, and denying our ideals.
> I beg to disagree - but not without foundation (-:). I'd much rather see
> reality revealed - in fact we *are* a family at war ... but for quite
> some time the war has been driven underground, supressed, avoided and
> denied. Issues have festered instead of being resolved. Animosities have
> been have been forced into the closet - those who have disagreed with an
> enforced party line have been either silenced or (quite often) simply
> forced out of the organized societies altogether.  And the chief means by
> which this has been done is through the institutional leadership's
> virtually complete control over the avenues of communication. It is not
> surprising that having now, for the first time, obtained a means of
> communication that *cannot* be controlled by any single person or
> faction, a good deal of the initial effects have been to have very
> intense explosions of what *appears* to be "unfamilylike" behaviour.
> >>>>> mega clip >>>>>>

1. JRC has presented a summary of overall situation as well as anybody can.

2. Internet may the *last* chance we have to openly discuss so that
out of all the discussions will comeout a *revival* of the original
spirit and *energy* with which TS was started in 1875.

3. Everyone here is spending quite a bit of their time to read and post
messages and they would not be doing it unless they care for Theosophy
and TS and as JRC pointed out do deeply care and understand what a
revived TS can do for the masses.

4. Unsubscribing or going into lurking mode or filtering everybody is a
very easy thing to do. But these are not going to help, but only ease the
further shrinkage of the TS.

5. The leadership which is too close to the problems may not be aware of
how serious is the situation. We, IMHO, have the problem of emperor has
no clothes situation.

6. As I had already stated in a post, has any one seen *any* of the elected
officers anywhere in the cyberspace? It makes one wonder why?

7. Let us recognize that each one of us here is very very important and
we cannot offord to lose even a single subscriber.

8. If you look at many of the major developments in history, they took
place because of a small group of very dedicated and passionate
individuals. So our small group here at theos-xxxx can act as a catalyst
for better days for Theosophy and TS and let us be optimistic and not
lose heart or enthusiasm or commitment.

    Peace to all living beings.

    M K Ramadoss, Novice and  EO
    (Eternal Optimist) - don't confuse with Eminent Occultist

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