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Re: Dynamic groups ....

Jun 27, 1996 07:09 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

I just remembered 1 device we used in NJ that was kind of fun, & got
everyone to participate. We'd choose a certain subject matter, & then the
book agent (no she never did anything, I did it) got in touch with the
Olcott Library, who sent us a number of books on the chosen subject. i'd
tell them how many participants we were & they'd sent a few more books.
Everyone would choose 1 facet of the topic to report on on a day about a
month after the books arrived.

>In message <>, "liesel f.
>deutsch" <> writes
>>I don't think
>>that one person doing everything is conducive to having a dynamic group.
>>When you prepapre a talk, you learn, when you participate in a group your
>>interest awakens more. My pap feeding the rest of them isn't my idea of what
>>should be. It doesn't work in the long run
>I think you are right.  It may be that the decline of the T.S. is in
>part, at least, due to its members being spoon-fed in their Lodges.  So
>many seem to offer nothing more than a) Lecturers telling you what it is
>all about, and b) Group leaders telling you what it is all about.
>Here and there, no doubt, there may be some groups working *as groups*
>to share in the gathering and use of experience, but I have not seen
>much of it.  Groups of this kind are non-hierarchical, and do not offer
>much food for ego-trippers.
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