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Re: Opportunity

Jun 25, 1996 11:58 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 11:58 PM 6/25/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I can understand why you would be pissed at Joy,  I would be too in your
>positon, but in truth, my experience with her has been somewhat different.  I
>have disagreed publicly with her for years with no ill effects and Gerda and
>she have had some real brawls, but seem to make up afterwards.
>1973 was a long time ago.  Maybe she's mellowed with age.
>Then again, maybe not.  We'll find out very soon.
>Chuck the Heretic
>But I haven't! And she may also have forgotten all about it, but I haven't!
Nor will I! As you well know I am quick to anger but equally quick to
forgive, but not in this case! John on the other hand is very slow to anger
but he, once angry, never forgives. And he's angrier at Joy than I am (yes
it is possible)! No, as far as we're concerned it's "avitchi" for her!


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