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Re: Information Wanted

Jun 25, 1996 12:05 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 10:22 AM 6/25/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Friends
>Thank you for your information about Wizard Bookshelf.
>I am now in contact with them.
>I was disappointed that I only received a reply from
>Finland when I asked for information about courses etc
>for the magazine to be put out in the Gulf States.  Perhaps
>there is nothing else to be said.  My worst fears have
>been realized and the Theosophical Society exists
>only in people's imaginations!
>Seriously - if you have any information about events anywhere in
>the world - for inclusion in the October edition of the Gulf
>New Age Magazine - please let me know.
>many thanks - Michael.
>22 Prices Lane
>York YO2 1AL
>Tel:01904 670203
>The biggest problem Michael, is that The Theosophical Society exists only
in its OWN imagination! Out of a world poulation of five and one half
Billion souls, a membership of thirty one thousand is insignificant,
especially when one expert estimates that there are only, at best, five or
six thousand ACTIVE members.

A "Gulf New Age Magazine"? At whom is it directed? One would think that "New
Age thinking" is hardly compatible with Islamic Fundamentalism. Tell us
about it.

alexis dolgorukii

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