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Re: Mail Order Theosophy

Jun 24, 1996 11:01 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 01:45 PM 6/24/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Alexis: Why,o why do you have to react in such a way? Calling someone
>an idiot is not exactly a sign of good manners, I'd say. Why don't you
>challenge Bjorn to show his superior knowledge to you? Far more polite,
>and MUCH more fun to do, I submit.
>Martin: I want to get something straight with you. I am not trying to
insult Bjorn, but I really don't care if I do. I wan't calling him an
"idiot" thereby using the word as a pejorative (insult) I said that I was
slowly and reluctantly coming to agree with Chuck's opinion that the man is
an "idiot" or less than intelligent.  I find him an intolerable person, his
messages to me are far more insulting than anything I've said to him.
Basically I don't want to have any discussions with him because I really
think the man is nuts!

Now, you and I disagree almost entirely on most things, but I really enjoy
discussing these things with you. While I feel you're wrong on many (all
right.....most) things, our discussions are interesting and I, at least,
enjoy them. This is equally true with Christopher Allen, he too disagrees
strongly with almost everything I say, and visa versa. But like my present
discussions with you there's no hostility either way and I think that in
time the discussions will be productive if only in that we three will each
be able to make our individual cases more clearly.

But with Bjorn, I really do not see any possibility of "discussion without
hostility". Now, as you all know, I share my life with a large and beautiful
wolf, and I love all Wolves very much, but I am neither so fatuous nor so
insensitive as not to realize that when Bjorn calls me a "wolf" he's not
being complimentary. I have a problem with people who are, or rather, who
claim to be, "good buddies" with "The Master Jesus". Bjorn doesn't like me
because I made statements that invalidated both Elisabeth Clair "Prophet"
and Mr. Ballard, whom I believe to be (in Ballard's have been)
strictly con-artists and phonies. Now I've also said that I have some
problems with GdeP's attitude (racist) and his writings, but I have never
felt him to be a con-artist or a phoney. I just don't agree with much that
he had to say just as I don't agree with much that you have to say.

In any case, I feel no need to engage in "popularity contests" or to win the
"Mr. Congeniality" award. I have an adequate number of good friends who know
me well and like me. On this list and on alt. theosophy I have "work" to do,
and if it gains me people who think I'm some kind of monster, so be it. But
I will tell the truth as I see it.

alexis dolgorukii

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