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To John Mead

Jun 25, 1996 11:37 AM
by Bee Brown

Dear John,
I left theos-l some weeks ago and now I ask you publicly to please remove me
from the other 3 periphery lists as I will no longer accept the type of
theosophy being touted on these lists.
The loud minority speak about brotherhood out of one corner of their mouths
and out of the other corner, abuse the shit out of anyone doesn't follow
their sort of theosophy. I will not follow anyones party-line and it saddens
me to read the hard and fast attitudes here. Over here in NZ we may be
provintial but at least we try to be civil to each other and allow others to
hold their views without browbeating them with our own.
I have hung in here for nigh on a year and the paranoia that is developing to
any mention of Adyar etc is horrifying but abusing them too is unproductive
and a real turn off for ordinary theosophists who are not interested in the
American ideal as pronounced here.

Please do not take this personally, but I wish to be removed from TI
membership too. It is sliding into the big hole the loud minotity are digging
for theosophy on the Internet.

Best wishes to the Silent Majority.
Bee Brown

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