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Re: Karma

Jun 24, 1996 07:26 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>How does this work in the concept of the All?  Meaning, how does
>this law affect the All in it's first action?
> I would assume that it was the I, and the nothingness the Not-I.
>The I created the wave upon the Not-I.
>Couldn't everything be taken back to this first wave?
>And if so, how does that effect free will?

	The only way that I can answer you here is via the
doctrine of dualities and the doctrine of monads.  I am not sure what
you mean by the "All?"  The totality of everything, or that which only
exists above the first and highest cosmic plane?  The Many and the
One are a duality.  The Many are a bizzillion monads.  The One
is the fact that all monads are alike and exist outside of spacetime,
and thus there is no difference between any two monads, and so
the Many that exist separately on the planes of our planetary chain,
form a Oneness above it.  Above the highest plane is the All-as-One,
while below exist the All-as-Many.  The Many can be thought of a "rays"
of the One, or as individual god-sparks of the one divine flame,
and so on.
	Free will only exists on the cosmic planes of our
planetary chain, and thus only makes sense to the Many.  Outside
of space and time, free will makes no sense because there is
no separate I remaining to possess it.  The Spiritual Monad is
above or outside of our planetary chain.  The I-Not-I Monad is
within our planetary chain.  The Spiritual Monad splits up into an
I-Not-I Monad when it enters the first cosmic plane.  As this monad
descends down through the planes, it splits into a dualistic I and
Not-I.  Only after this split does the concept of  free will make sense.
	The "first action" of the All-as-One is this basic split into
the All-as-Many.  But the split of the I-Not-I Monad into an I and
Not-I is the first phase of duality, and the origin of karma.  Now,
since the Many exist as a bizzillion I's and Not-I's, they form a
lifewave that is held together by its own collective karma.  This
lifewave undergoes peregrinations around the globes of the
planetary chain and as it does so, the collective karma grows
and defines itself.  We are now on the upward Arc of the 4th
Round and have formed what we call a human lifewave with its
own collective karma, but each I-Not-I Monad within the lifewave
also has its own individual karma or karmic burden that must
be worked out.  This can take a million lifetimes, or ten seconds,
	Our collective karma will only be eliminated when
we return to the "first wave" as you say.  This will be at the end of
the 7th Round.  But individually we can expel our individual karma
at any time.  This implies the re-joining of our I and Not-I.  But
when we do this, we leave others behind.  The bodhisattva
rejects this option in order to stay within the lifewave until the
end of the 7th Round, when all I-Not-I Monads return to the One.

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

PS.  Thanks for the nice words about Enochian Physics.

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