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Re: Plane/Nature/Essence correspondences

Jun 24, 1996 05:42 PM
by Jerry Schueler

Wycked God's Chart:
>Plane		Nature		Essence
>--------	---------	----------
>Logoic		?		?
>Monadic		?		?
>Atmic		Spiritual	                  Spirit
>Bhuddic		Harmony		?
>Mental		Intelligence	Thought
>Astral		Feeling		Emotion
>Physical	                  Energy		Matter

A few comments:  "Bhuddic" should be "Buddhic" and its essence
is Ideation.   Why is the nature of matter "Energy?"  What is the
difference between Energy and Spirit?  I would suggest the nature
of matter to be Firmness or Touch, rather than Energy.  I would
suggest Intuition instead of Harmony (which you can get on all
levels).   There are no words for the higher questions marks,
and I doubt that but a handful understand what "Spiritual" or
"Spirit" even mean.  Otherwise, nice chart.

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

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