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Re: Mail Order Theosophy

Jun 24, 1996 10:40 AM
by Martin_Euser

Alan>>Sometimes, Alexis, I suspect that the many things you don't believe in
>>make up a whole new religion all of their own!

>Seriously, Alexis is a true "believer", too, only that he likes to be
>contrarian in his beliefs. This seems to make him fell better about himself.

Alexis>Slowly and reluctantly I am being forced to agree with Chuck. This
man IS an
idiot. Bjorn, in a recent posting, said that he and I live in different
universes. For this I am grateful. I would really dislike living in HIS

        And never will the twain meet?

Bjorn: Let me say something here: I know you don't particularly like
Alexis and I can understand why. But remarks such as you made above
will accomplish nothing but trigger the kind of response Alexis has
given. If you really want to "expose" Alexis, you would have to engage
in a real dialogue with Alexis. Now, *that's* a challenge!
*If* you know more on esoteric things than Alexis, then you would have the
opportunity to show it to him, by pointing out flaws in his reasoning,
filling in some gaps, etc.

Alexis: Why,o why do you have to react in such a way? Calling someone
an idiot is not exactly a sign of good manners, I'd say. Why don't you
challenge Bjorn to show his superior knowledge to you? Far more polite,
and MUCH more fun to do, I submit.


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