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Jun 24, 1996 09:08 AM
by Macnev Uri


* Forwarded by Macnev Uri
* From : Kay Ziatz

Subject: Ether


Hello Eldon!

>Yes, there is no "ether" in the sense in which it was
>originally described.  But today's science now knows for

e> At normal temperatures, I'm not sure if space (of this
e> plane) is completely filled with particles. And when
e> you consider something as a wave rather than as a
e> particle, it may be hard to pinpoint a position for it,

  Here in Russia many scientists study ether practically and
develop ether-based theories, but their works aren't still
acnowledged on official level. Their theories sometimes differ
each from another but they match in opinion that relativity
theory was the greatest humbug of the century.
  Our scientists have different opinions on ether, but when
comparing them, it would be clear that they discoveres different
quanifications of ether, known in theosophy as Ether I, II, III, IV.
Some deny word "ether" at all, using the term "vacuum as super-
dense degenerated medium", but their descreption of this "vacuum"
is close to theosophical ether. They avoid the term "ether", be-
cause it's far from ether of XIX century science.
  Well-known Michelson-Morley experiment failed because of presence
of atmosphere. Since ether is a basis of any dense matter, as Lead-
beater wrote, one cant find it moving when air don't move.
  More fine experimets made by Miller in 1920s and Chankin in 1980s
showed that absolute movement of Earth through a world ether exists,
but it's less than theoretically calculated.
  In 1995 V. Ilyin using laboratory unit measuring frequency difference
between two lasers, found that an absolute Earth velosity is 56400 km/sec.
Direction of moving closely matches Millers results. He found also that
oscillating processes in the Sun affect measuring result. In theosophical
interpretation it should mean that etheric aura of the Sun "breathes".

W/best regards, Konstantin Zaitzev  2:5020/360.4 Fidonet

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