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Re: Directions request/trip report

Jun 20, 1996 02:02 PM
by Christopher Allen

At 03:56 PM 6/20/96 -0400, K. Paul Johnson wrote:
>Just back from vacation, I'm seeing references to alt.theosophy
>but not finding it on the web.  Could the kind soul who posted
>instructions on finding it repost them?  Three weeks ago I was
>too busy thinking about vacation to realize I should save the
I'm not the one who posted the original directions, but you should be able
to get to it by just subscribing to alt.theosophy.  If you let me know what
OS & program your using, I could give you more precise intructions.

>How has alt.theosophy been doing in its first month of
Not much activity on it- yet anyway :)


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