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Directions request/trip report

Jun 20, 1996 12:53 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

Just back from vacation, I'm seeing references to alt.theosophy
but not finding it on the web.  Could the kind soul who posted
instructions on finding it repost them?  Three weeks ago I was
too busy thinking about vacation to realize I should save the

For anyone who is interested:
Santo Domingo was a surprisingly interesting and pleasant
city to visit.  (I chose to go there for the bargain fare and a general
interest in Spanish-speaking countries).  The Dominican middle
class is far larger than I imagined; from my hotel you could
walk for a mile and never leave a very respectable,
well-manicured, safe part of the city.  The historic district
has dozens of 16th-17th century buildings, well-preserved and
often accessible as museums.  There were 11 museums in all that
I saw, as well as impressive national zoo, aquarium, and
botanical gardens.  Dominicans are very friendly, but their
Spanish was a bit hard to follow, compared to Mexican, since
they drop the letter s often.  The food is diverse, inexpensive
and tasty.  My only complaints are that the country is so
dominated by tourism that there are always Dominicans offering
to guide you somewhere, and that the refuse collection was not
up to American standards.

How has alt.theosophy been doing in its first month of

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