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Re: Adyar/TSA -- Bad Karma

Jun 19, 1996 11:43 PM
by alexis dolgorukii


O.K. all joking aside. The situation is almost hopeless, but I believe (or
is it hope) that it is not irretrievable. HPB had high hopes for theosophy,
and while it's about 11:45 P.M. Mid Night hasn't struck.

Now theosophy itself, as HPB predicted, will go on forever as it has existed
forever in the past. But The Theosophical Society is confronted by a nearly
terminal situation and that is two utterly dichotomous and unfortunately
mutually hostile views of what constitutes theosophy. It is going to be very
difficult indeed reconciling those who view theosophy as a process (of whom
I am one) and those who view Theosophy as a "Core Doctrine" which is a
species of religion. Can it be done? I really don't know. The more important
question is SHOULD it be done? And to that  question too, I am unsure of the
answer. It's always an error to create false expectations because nothing at
all is more harmful.

I think if we mutually agree we should at least try, then a good start could
be made by changing the administrative structure entirely. The most
important action would be to do as James Long did so wisely in the Pasadena
T.S. and disband the E.S. The next most important action is to totally
remove all vestiges of authoritarianism from the society and have a much
reduced administration simply doing logistical duties instead of "ruling" as
it does today. It is currently a phase in most human societies for power to
devolve to smaller and more local sites. In the T.S. this could equate to
Federations and Lodges. This should probably depend on membership numbers.
No very small group need a ponderous "International" administration.

Well anyway, that's for starters

alexis dolgorukii


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