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Re: Adyar/TSA -- Bad Karma

Jun 19, 1996 08:41 PM
by m.k. ramadoss


At some point when all the fixing ideas have been collected, it may be a
good idea to get them communicated to Wheaton and Adyar. Hope they will
read and give some careful consideration.


On Wed, 19 Jun 1996, John E. Mead wrote:

> hi -
> we've  had a few constructive suggestions, and some comments which
> prefer to ignore the issue.
> the people who compain the loudest about the political
> junk should/would (?) welcome the oppurtunity to explain how to
> fix the problems?  or admit it is hopeless??
> 1. throw the organization(s) away
> or
> 2. find a way to fix it/them.
> it seemed option 2 was best.   the question is how.
> peace -
> john e. mead
> p.s. i have alot of pepcid around the house.   sigh  :-)
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    M K Ramadoss

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