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Re: Core Teachings (to Dan)

Jun 17, 1996 11:31 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 06:14 PM 6/17/96 -0400, you wrote:
>On Mon, 17 Jun 1996, alexis dolgorukii wrote:

>	Alexis: Thanks for your comments. FYI, I have had a copy to
>Tillett's book for several years. I have no reason yet to change my mind
>about the good CWL and AB have done for TS and countless members of TS,
>including myself.
>	...MKRamadoss
>Doss: In view of your response, I have a serious question to ask you. I was
first attracted to theosophy for two reasons. First: My relationship to HPB
made me curious about what she did. Second: I found a couple of books by CWL
("The Masters and The Path" and 'The Inner Side of Things". The result was I
became a theosophist and an active one. But I became very disillusioned with
the movement when I discovered that CWL was anything but what he said he
was. It is my view that The Theosophical Society (Adyar) as it exists today
is what CWL made it and really has very little to do with HPB. I think that,
in the minds of most people, CWL is totally discredited.

Now you say that CWL and AB have done much good for the TS and for countless
members of the TS including yourself. Well only you know what is best for
you, but I must ask this: The TS is a tiny and almost completely irrelevant
group in the world today. I think it can fairly be said that much of the
blame for this obscurity lies with CWL and AB. One cannot speak accurately
of "countless members" because the TS (since ther Krishnamurti incident) has
not had sufficient members for "countless" to be appropriate. I freely admit
that CWL's writings have interested many, many people in contacting
Theosophy, BUT how many of those people, eventually, as I was, became
disillusioned and left the society? I didn't ever stop being a theosophist
though I resigned for a time from the TSA. There is a lot of evidence, much
of it hard to ignore completely, that says that CWL was not a good and
decent person and that he was, moreover, a very untruthful one. I humbly
submit to you that good can not come out of bad.

You are a great "fan" of Krishnamurti, I am not, though I admire him in
certain ways for his honesty and integrity. But I feel that his life, and
his potential were irrevocably harmed by CWl's intervention in his life at
such an early age. What would and could Krishnamurti have accomplished had
he come to realize his FULL potential in the milieu which was proper for
him? It's pretty clear that Krishnamurti intensely disliked CWL, would his
life not have been better and happier had he no reason for such dislike?

Madame Blavatsky begged and pleaded during the last days of her life, for
the Society not to idolize either herself of the Adepts. More than anyone
else, CWL is responsible for doing just that. And that I believe is entirely

You are a good man Doss, in every sense of the term, and I admire your
honesty and perseverance, but this is my opinion and I hope you won't be
offended by my honesty in stating it so clearly.

alexis dolgorukii

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